Today I washed and dried my laundry. I didn’t quite get to folding but tomorrows a new day. I did manage to do my complete face routine. (A product to help clear up my skin from the dermatologist (only every two days though), followed by washing my face, using toner, and then moisturizer.) I also went to class and did some studying for my test tomorrow. I only studied a little bit though for the long answer question. She wanted us to do some research on the subject so I did some googling and I read some information but I never wrote anything down or made any attempt at organizing the information. I’m just going to wing it in the morning. I did help make supper tonight which I feel good about and I took the bottles to the recycling¬†outside because they’d been building up on the counter. I ate a Quest bar for breakfast, it’s not a very good breakfast but it was certainly better than nothing and better than sugary breakfasts. I have been trying to eat healthier lately. Trying being the key word. I took my multivitamin today too. Not all my vitamins but if I had to pick one that’s the one to pick. I also managed to brush my teeth both this morning and before bed.

My goals for tomorrow:

Brush teeth morning and night

Fold Laundry

Quick study before test and hopefully do well

Quick shower before work

Eat proper healthy meals

Get some reading in or watch a couple of episodes of my shows

Take my vitamins

Manage entire face routine before bed and partial in the morning

Update blog about accomplishments


Now I’m off to bed. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.