Today I actually made breakfast (pancakes) 

We had the first snow today so I woke up to it and had to shovel the walk and the driveway before school and put out the garbage and recycling. 

I did manage to fold my laundry and do both my full and partial face routines. 

I forgot to take my vitamins and I only managed 1 bottle of water. Instead of getting in some reading or a shower or getting caught up on some tv, I had a nap. Still, I did have done productivity in my day. It wasn’t a complete waste. 
My goals for tomorrow:



Vacuume the upstairs

Wash work clothes

Something for me

Face routine

Managing to post. I work till 1am Sunday morning so well see if I actually post when I get home for Saturday. 

Good night to me and anyone who happens to be reading it. 🙂 

It’s never as bad as it seems~