So obviously I have been procrastinating a lot on posting as evidenced by the fact that my last post was in december. I decided this was probably not the best way for me personally to keep accountable. I have been doing okay with taking care of myself I even had some good routines down for a while (then I had company visit and that kind of derailed me). I have been doing really good with taking care of my teeth, doing my laundry, changing my sheets, and showering. So overall I think this is a win. I did do fairly okay with keeping up with my class but I did still do a fair bit of procrastinating. I basically haven’t exercised since January except for what I get in at work, I am trying to improve this. My class is over as of this morning! So I have 2 weeks until my next class starts which will be online so I will have to be more accountable to myself. I am excited for this challenge though. The program I am going into is going to be very demanding and I need to work on being more disciplined with my school work.


I have finally gotten back into reading which I am so happy about because I really love to read and it was killing me a little bit inside that I really didn’t want to. I have also managed to get back into my knitting so I think maybe I’m finally starting to come out of my current depressive spell. It is so much work to make progress and not slip back so much but I’m trying.


Now the fun stuff! I bought books today!

Last night I discovered booktube (book vloggers on YouTube) and there are now so many books on my must try list it’s crazy. Emmmabooks recommended Of Fire and Stars by: Audrey Coulthurst which is a YA fantasy novel to do with lesbian love wich are not as common as I’d like them to be. It is one of the books I bought today and I am so excited to read it! Also recommended by Emmmabooks was  Passenger by: Alexandra Bracken. Well actually she was recommending book 2 which is Wayfarer I think but I need to read book 1 first and Wayfarer is still hardcover anyways. Passenger sounds very interesting and I am also very excited to read this one. I won’t give a description of it right now because I don’t feel like trying to condense the synapses right now but you should definitely check it out. The last book I bought today was A Discovery of Witches by: Deborah Harkness which is book 1 of the All Souls trilogy. It is a book about a book which I love with a strong supernatural element obviously. I almost bought the other 2 books in the trilogy but my shopping companion made me put them back. So after I read book 1 I will probably go back and buy those. I will try to post more on these after I read them.


To be honest my TBR pile is massive. I am currently reading Arrival by Ted Chiang which the movie Arrival was based on. It is actually pretty interesting. I will probably make a post on it after I finish it. I am also reading a City of Glass because I need to read books 5 and 6 in the series so I decided to start from the beginning. I did get distracted half way through with Arrival and we’ll see if other books don’t sneak their way in between.


I’m considering doing a couple of book challenges this year apart from harper Collins 50 book challenge which I mostly do just to keep track of what I’ve been reading. I am also looking at book subscription boxes so if you’re reading this and you currently subscribe to a book box shoot me a message! I would love to know what people think of their boxes as there are so many different ones to choose from and I can only afford 1 or 2 right now!


Thanks for reading! 🙂