I finally finished reading Arrival by: Ted Chiang. I had such a hard time trying to get through this book. It is the closest I have come to not finishing in a book in a very long time.

I picked up arrival after the movie came out. I saw the movie in theatres and I really liked it, I thought it was really well done. So of course when I saw the book in the store I had to buy it so I could learn more about this world and the characters. I always want to know what the charecters are thinking so I was super exited to read this book. I was a little disappointed that the book is actually a short story compilation and not just about the world we see in the movie. All the stories in the book are by Ted Chiang and they all share an overarching theme, but Arrival, the story the movie is based on is only one little section of the book, so we don’t really get to see more of the world. In fact I found you got way less information from the book which is something I’ve never encountered before.

While the stories were all interesting I did find the book to be very boring. It was truly a struggle to get through. I found the writing style to be very tedious and dense which is probably why I had so much trouble with these stories to begin with. I’m sure there are lots of people out there who read this book and loved it, this is not to discourage others from reading by any means, it was just not the book for me.

I will probably check out some of his other works at some point in the future to see. I’d like to see what he does with a novel. I think I might find those more agreeable as there’s more room to flesh out characters and I can really sink into the story.


In the mean-time I started reading Of Fire and Stars by: Audrey Coulthurst which I actually picked up last week after watching a video by Emmmabooks of booktube talk about it. It is a YA fantasy that follows two princesses, the first, Dennaleia, is in an arranged marriage to a prince from another kingdom and while she is still hoping to fall in love, she has accepted the fact that she will be married to him. The second, Amaranthine, who is the sister to the prince Denna is arranged to marry. The book follows the growing relationship between the two princesses during all the turmoil of an assassination and the search for the killer that follows.

This book has so much potential and I am so excited for this book, It has magic and danger and romance which are all things I love in my fantasy books. It also deals with a lesbian relationship which is not very common in literature, especially not in fantasy. I’m only 20 pages in and I am already completely hooked. I could barely pause to write this post. I’m actually writing it now because I know once I really get into the book I won’t be able to stop until I finish it.

Well, I’m off to finish my book.

Happy reading everyone!